The Kotchegna Dancing Review, founded in 2015 by a dedicated group of former dancers, teachers, and dance enthusiasts, was created with the intention of shining the light on not only the top dance performances throughout the world, but also the top dance schools, teachers, choreographers, and more. Dedicated to the world of dance, the Kotchegna Dancing Review provides in-depth, thorough, and detailed professional reviews from a completely fair and unbiased perspective, with the intent of not only shining positive light in the direction of dancers, schools, teachers, and more, but also of providing constructive feedback to newer dancers, teachers, schools, etc., in an aim to assist up-and-comers with breaking into the world of dance and ultimately becoming top performers themselves. Since its creation the Kotchegna Dancing Review has proudly reviewed over 150,000 different dance performers, teachers, schools, camps, programs, courses, and more…and we’ve only just begun!