Appliance Repair Company Saved My Food

Hi everyone this is my first post here. Thanks for stopping by today I had a bad problem with one of my appliances. I swear whenever I have no money for something is when something needs to be repaired whether its my car, tv or home appliances. Luckily appliance repair Encinitas was there for me. They were able to bring my refrigerator back to life and save me money.

appliance serviceEarlier in the day I stopped at sams club. When ever your at sams club you can’t just get a couple things so I did over do it a little. My fridge was packed with fresh groceries. So when my refrigerator started emanating a really bad burned plastic smelled I started to freak out. I knew it wasn’t something I would have the know how to fix so I hopped online to find the nearest appliance repair company.

Apex Appliance is a appliance repair san diego company. They don’t just fix refrigerators but all the small appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, washer and dryers and more. When I called a sweet woman answered the phone who was extremely helpful. She asked what problems I was having and was giving me free troubleshooting. Based on what I was describing she recommended I get a vacuum and suck out all the clogged dust and debris. To be honest I have never done this before but sure enough when I check below my fridge I saw a whole mess of dust bunnies. It made sense that possibly the clogged vent could be the cause of the burning smell. After I was done vacuuming there was no more burning smell! I was so happy that I didn’t have to pay for a repair but also I was able to fix it myself. I found the lowest price refrigerator repair san diego company because it was absolutely free! No one can beat that.