We are delighted to report today on a miracle!

Normally here at the Kotchegna Dance Review we take pride in our expert reviews of top dance performances (and we cover many), but this one in particular has the word ‘Miracle’ written all over it.

During a normal day of research in our main office, one of our lead researchers came across a YouTube video posted by the top web designer at Southern Indiana Web Design.

The video was of his daughter, who just two years ago was involved in a horrible car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Doctors had informed her parents that not only would she never dance again, but she would never regain movement control over the lower half of her body, and would only have limited control over the top half of her body.

After a long and trying recovery process, long hours of physical therapy, a lot of sweat and a lot more tears, along with strong faith, and an unstoppable will to dance again, Tiffani Hersh stepped out onto the dance floor at the annual performance for her dance school.

And she proceeded to flawlessly perform her solo dance, with her father filming every second, then immediately uploading it to YouTube, where it then went viral within hours.

Ultimately it was picked up by our team, in what has turned out to be one of the best dances and stories that we have ever had the privilege of reporting on.

The power of the human spirit is truly magnificent, and miracles do happen all around us every day of our lives.

This story is only one of many that shine a light on the many miracles taking place around us every second of our busy lives. When we take a moment to stop, look around, observe, and truly appreciate; we see the miracles unfolding around us constantly.

This story is simply beautiful, and it is my sincere hope that if it finds you during hard times, let it serve as your rock, your foundation, your strength, and your uplifting moment, as it fills you with a sense of determination to overcome whatever it is you may be facing.